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Course curriculum

Learn how to do SEO for your business! Rather than hire an SEO company to provide services, this course takes you over the shoulder in an easy step-by-step "How To" without all the technical jargon. Get started Today! In this course you can follow step-by-step instruction on how to implement SEO for your business to rank on page 1 and get in front of more customers online.

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Welcome

    • Important Links for SEO Training

    • Social Media Account List for Brand Name & Social Fortress Set Up

    • Getting Started: Organization

    • Gmail

    • Choosing Where to Set Up Your Website

    • Domain & Website Purchase

    • Activate Your Domain

    • Logging Into Your Website

    • Organization: Bookmarks

  • 2

    SEO Prep Needed To Rank

    • Creating A Logo

    • Keyword Research

    • How To Find Images

    • How to Optimize Images

  • 3

    Build A Website & On Page SEO

    • Introducing Your WordPress Dashboard

    • Setting Up Your WordPress Website

    • Choosing a Theme for Your Website

    • Changing Your WordPress Theme

    • Save Vs. Publish

    • Website Identity

    • Website Header

    • Setting Up the Home/Front Page of Your Website

    • Setting Up Your Menu

    • Home/Front Page & Content

    • Completing the Home Page

    • Building Pages for Your Website

    • Contact Page Set Up

    • Titles & Meta Descriptions

    • Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

  • 4

    Off Page SEO Needed To Rank

    • Build Your Brand

    • Creating Google My Business for Google Maps

    • Google My Business/Google Maps Set Up

    • Google Analytics & Search Console Set Up

    • Social Fortressing

    • Posting Content to Social Media

    • How Google Determines Rankings

    • When You Will See Results

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It is a great time to work on SEO for your business! Even during this time. While your competition is twiddling their thumbs and taking a break you can get a jump on them! Google takes time to readjust rankings, so if you get started now your website can “Google Dance” it’s way up in the rankings!